4 Tips for High Impact Retail Store Design

4 Tips for High Impact Retail Store Design

The 21st century has been the slowest period for retail. When people came up with different options to buy and trade online, retailing lost a lot of audiences.

But there is still a lot of people that want to have the urban experience, they want to get out of their houses and experience what technology cannot offer. Here are some tips that you can use for high impact retail store designs:


The idea is that people never feel like they are trapped. You want shoppers to have a pleasing experience and for them to be able to discover new things, and go back whenever they want.

It is important to keep in mind that sightlines are necessary to keep the place reachable and connected.

Vintage Is Life

Nowadays, urban retail is all about the high-street arcade. Shoppers want to have new experiences and that is what an arcade or a pedestrian city can give.


For retail environments, natural lighting is the most used. Nevertheless, there has always been a debate when it comes to which lighting is better.

Designers have decided that natural light is better when it comes to retailing. Natural light helps by giving a real urban experience, which is what the majority of the shoppers are looking for.

Make It An Adventure

Things were different in the old times, the stores used to have an easy-to-follow path, where people could have everything without giving a deep look of it.

Now, times have changed and those kinds of things are not what you want for your store. Nowadays it is better to create a store that resembles a maze. It makes it fun and interesting for shoppers. The whole idea is to make them explore different areas in only one store.

It has to be an interesting place to be in. where the customers can have fun. And of course, always having in mind that it cannot be a mess, it makes customers feel surprised and interested.