4 Architects You Have to Know Before 2019 Gets Here

The year is almost over and with that, there a lot of new architects who are definitely someone you must keep your eyes on. The world of architecture changes and evolves on a daily basis, and architects have to always keep up with it. Here are 4 architects that can help you with that:

Koichi Suzuno + Shinya Kumuro

Starting off the list, we have this duo. They have made a name for themselves by approaching architectural thinking, which in other words it practically means thinking with a purpose. This duo has come up with tons of fascinating jobs such as architectural designs to interior designs, to pieces of individual product designs, and they even have experience in filmmaking.

They started to grow through the years due to the amazing pieces of furniture and decoration pieces that they have released.

Alejandro Arabella

This Chilean architect is famous for his urban style.  Arabella has won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is considered the most prestigious award for architects. He has been an occasional teacher at Harvard, and he has been known for his passion for bringing and adding architecture to the communities.

His firm often helps builds houses to people in need, with his “half a good house” project.

Shigeru Ban

Known for his cutting-edge work with paper, often recycled objects used to create shelter for damaged people after natural disasters.  Many of his works have been to help communities and are considered one of the best creations that even though are often caused by natural disasters they still remain intact.

Bjarke Ingels

This Danish architect’s work is definitely one of the most enjoyable to watch. Known for his daring, innovative, playful and original designs, he often creates works that you would never see coming, defying what’s traditional.

What all of this architects have in common is how innovative and ingenious they are.  They challenge themselves and don’t believe in what’s traditional. They have ideas and they go after them, they are definitely someone to look up to.

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