3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electric Garage Heater

3 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electric Garage Heater

More homeowners who have a garage at their homes are taking advantage of the large extra space offered by garages for everyday activities. Other than storing your cars, a garage can be used for different purposes such as serving as a workshop, laundry room or even a play space for your k However, since a garage is usually built for storing our cars and keeping them safe from the harsh elements of weather, it can be difficult to use for other purposes. When the weather gets cold, your garage can become drafty, cold and too uncomfortable to spend much time in. And this is why most homeowners are choosing to install garage heaters in their garages to make them comfortable for other garage activities.

There are numerous types of garage heaters available on the market. This can make it difficult for you to decide what type of garage space heater is the best option for you. In this article, we have listed down the 3 main factors you need to consider when buying a garage heater.  Most people are looking for a portable and efficient heater for home, typically.

1. The Location of The Garage Heater 

Ideally, your garage heater should be placed where it will disperse heat to the specific parts of your garage where you spend most of the time in. For many people, this is usually the central portion of the garage space, but if you have a hobby area or workshop in the garage, you may wish to move the heater in order to aim airflow to a specific spot.

While a radiant heat heater or infrared heater may be an option, you consider its ability to aim or direct heat to your desired location. As you are considering where to install your garage heater, you still have another important decision to make: Do you prefer a ceiling/wall mounted heater or a portable garage heater? A wall or ceiling mounted garage heater might need special hardware, although some heaters will come with a hanger that you can use on both the wall and the ceiling. In general, you will need to screw a mounted garage heater into some stud for security.

2. Type of Installation

The next big decision to make regarding garage heaters is whether you want a garage heater that requires to be hardwired versus one that will be plugged into an existing power outlet via a power cord. If you’re planning to install a heavy duty heater that requires to be then hardwired with its own circuit and switch, you’ll need to hire a professional electrician to make sure it’s safe and working properly. Placing a garage heater on a power line allows you to use your other electrical items without blowing a fuse, so it is often a good option for garages where you have a range of hardware and tools.

On the other hand, if you choose a portable heater, then you don’t have to hire an electrician as the heater ready to use right after unboxing. Just plug it into a power outlet for instant heat. This is a good option for a garage that is fitted with several power outlets. It’s also the better option if you’re planning to move the heater around your garage space as you work. A portable garage heater can also be used outside of your home.

3. Safety Features

In general, an electric garage heater is usually safer than one that needs combustible fuel like propane heaters or natural gas heaters. These garage heaters pose fire risk with gas lines and flammable fuel and need good care to avoid the accumulation of noxious fumes. Because propane heaters often need additional ventilation to avoid this risk, you might also pay more for the installation.

Electric space heaters don’t need venting like a forced heater. For the safest garage heater, look for a model that has a heavy-duty housing which is designed to keep flammable items far away from the heating element to prevent fires. It is also a great idea to look for a model that keeps hands away from the heating element to avoid the risk of burns. A ceiling-mounted space heater is a good option for homes with pets or children since it’ll be well out of the way of any pets or children and should also have heating settings and adjustable louvers to control the heat using a temp control. Models with overheat protection that shuts off the heater when it overheats are usually better. In addition, a portable heater should at least have an adjustable thermostat control and safety shut-off tip-over switch.

4 Tips for High Impact Retail Store Design

4 Tips for High Impact Retail Store Design

The 21st century has been the slowest period for retail. When people came up with different options to buy and trade online, retailing lost a lot of audiences.

But there is still a lot of people that want to have the urban experience, they want to get out of their houses and experience what technology cannot offer. Here are some tips that you can use for high impact retail store designs:


The idea is that people never feel like they are trapped. You want shoppers to have a pleasing experience and for them to be able to discover new things, and go back whenever they want.

It is important to keep in mind that sightlines are necessary to keep the place reachable and connected.

Vintage Is Life

Nowadays, urban retail is all about the high-street arcade. Shoppers want to have new experiences and that is what an arcade or a pedestrian city can give.


For retail environments, natural lighting is the most used. Nevertheless, there has always been a debate when it comes to which lighting is better.

Designers have decided that natural light is better when it comes to retailing. Natural light helps by giving a real urban experience, which is what the majority of the shoppers are looking for.

Make It An Adventure

Things were different in the old times, the stores used to have an easy-to-follow path, where people could have everything without giving a deep look of it.

Now, times have changed and those kinds of things are not what you want for your store. Nowadays it is better to create a store that resembles a maze. It makes it fun and interesting for shoppers. The whole idea is to make them explore different areas in only one store.

It has to be an interesting place to be in. where the customers can have fun. And of course, always having in mind that it cannot be a mess, it makes customers feel surprised and interested.

4 Architects You Have to Know Before 2019 Gets Here

4 Architects You Have to Know Before 2019 Gets Here

The year is almost over and with that, there a lot of new architects who are definitely someone you must keep your eyes on. The world of architecture changes and evolves on a daily basis, and architects have to always keep up with it. Here are 4 architects that can help you with that:

Koichi Suzuno + Shinya Kumuro

Starting off the list, we have this duo. They have made a name for themselves by approaching architectural thinking, which in other words it practically means thinking with a purpose. This duo has come up with tons of fascinating jobs such as architectural designs to interior designs, to pieces of individual product designs, and they even have experience in filmmaking.

They started to grow through the years due to the amazing pieces of furniture and decoration pieces that they have released.

Alejandro Arabella

This Chilean architect is famous for his urban style.  Arabella has won the Pritzker Architecture Prize, which is considered the most prestigious award for architects. He has been an occasional teacher at Harvard, and he has been known for his passion for bringing and adding architecture to the communities.

His firm often helps builds houses to people in need, with his “half a good house” project.

Shigeru Ban

Known for his cutting-edge work with paper, often recycled objects used to create shelter for damaged people after natural disasters.  Many of his works have been to help communities and are considered one of the best creations that even though are often caused by natural disasters they still remain intact.

Bjarke Ingels

This Danish architect’s work is definitely one of the most enjoyable to watch. Known for his daring, innovative, playful and original designs, he often creates works that you would never see coming, defying what’s traditional.

What all of this architects have in common is how innovative and ingenious they are.  They challenge themselves and don’t believe in what’s traditional. They have ideas and they go after them, they are definitely someone to look up to.

4 Architecture Trends of 2018 – Home Design Reloaded

4 Architecture Trends of 2018 – Home Design Reloaded

If you’re an architect or fan of architecture you must know that trends in this field change on a daily basis, but they always remain through time. 2017 had many trends that are still making an impact now. If you still don’t the trends that are blowing up in the architecture field in 2018, then here you have 4:

Open Space Living

Everybody loves space to make a house look bigger and better. Open space living gives you that look of space and that special warmth that you want in a house. With this type of living it applies the “less is more”, to make the place look bigger and wider and to add life and color to a lifeless-looking place.


Yes, the millennial trend of the natural lighting has come to house decor, and we’re loving it! Natural lighting gives a beauty and highlights the elegance the place has. It also gives a more natural sense of illumination that the artificial light does not manage to give. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper!

Technological Devices

Technology is a tool that has become fundamental in our lives, and when it’s a must-have when it comes to smart house devices. There are so many advantages to this devices and one of them is that they make household chores more enjoyable, and it makes your house be safer, while giving you more energy efficiency.


Playing with different colors in architecture is something we are all looking forward in 2018. The different outcome that this trend is going bring is definitely something to keep your attention on. Bring light and fun to your household or your project with a different set of colors, from bright yellows to mellow neutral colors.

Architecture brings out the creative part of your brain, make sure to have fun and be creative.  Have fun with these trends and make your place a much more satisfying environment.