A Video Game About a Plumber

Believe it or not, there is a popular video game that is about a plumber. In fact, it is about two brothers who are plumbers. They are named Mario and Luigi and if you don’t know the video game then you must be living under a rock. They fix plumbing problems for a living but they suddenly get sent to a far world where they must battle the evil Cuppa so they can save the damsel in distress. If that sounds cliche then that is because it is. It is a pretty fun game that is available in a bunch of game consoles. Don’t be surprised if you immediately find yourself hooked into this game.
Super Mario Bros is a pretty addicting game and you will probably forget Mario is a plumber. You can select to play as Mario or Luigi in the game and there really is not much of a difference. Luigi is slightly taller and Mario is slightly fatter but other than that, there is not much of a difference. Like other video games, it gets more difficult as you overcome more levels. The sounds of the game are actually great and you can tell they put a lot of effort in making the game great. You will deal with a bunch of nicely designed henchmen like flying ducks, penguins and the evil boss at the end of each level. The dragon boss will blow a bunch of fireballs at you so make sure to avoid that.
You can also become bigger when you eat mushrooms. In real life, mushrooms can become pretty addicting so better not eat too much of that. You can usually take out the villains by jumping on their heads but not all of them. The boss usually has a spiked helmet so you need to throw him a fireball too. You will be able to throw fireballs at villains when you get a flower. It is one of the best times of the game but it only happens temporarily. When you get a mushroom, it also means you get a double life. When you get hit by a villain, you will get small again. You won’t get big again until you find another mushroom.
You can get a bunch of coins as you pass by all the levels. These coins don’t really mean that much unless you count the high score you will get at the end of the game. That score is meaningless unless you want to compare it with your friends. There are times when you have to risk your life just to get some coins. Thus, better realize that it won’t be worth it especially if you need to swim. As time has passed, better versions of Mario Bros have been developed. Now, Mario goes from being a plumber to a good swimmer and someone who can fly. There are levels where Mario needs to fight villains on ice. The road can get slippery so Mario is equipped with ice skates.
Even the latest game consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation has Super Mario Bros. This game is so popular that even today’s generation would love to play them. There is nothing like playing a classic game so you will know what your ancestors felt when they played the game. The manufacturers of the game were really creative in making the levels. There were some games that imitated the beauty of the game but none were really able to come close to what the game is all about. The sound is something that will motivate you to do your best. Besides, if you get killed halfway in the level then you have no choice but to go back from the start. This game is unlike some games where the mission is a bit complicated.
You only have one mission which is pretty basic but that will work out for the best. Don’t be surprised if you lose track of the time while playing this game. It is going to get on your nerves but the best part about the game is trying to finish it in the least amount of time. You would want to finish the level then go back to eating.  If you do have real plumbing problems, of course, contact a real life professional (loodgietersbedrijf Den Haag) to get you out of that scrape.

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