Common Home Plumbing Problems

Common Home Plumbing Problems

Plumbing systems make home living easy. With a functional system, you will have water in your kitchen, bathroom, outdoors, etc. It is one system that households cannot do without. However, like any other home system, it is common to have some plumbing problems. These problems can result in an immediate headache as you can no longer enjoy the convenience that comes with these systems.

It is, therefore, essential to contact a professional plumber anytime you note any plumbing malfunction. Here are some common home plumbing problems.

Leaking faucets

At one time, you will experience a leaking faucet in your home. This is common as washers in the faucet will wear out with time and allow water to leak through. This will result in a slow drip or constant water trickling, depending on the level of damage. If you note any leaking, you can call in experts or repair on your own.

If you have the tools and some plumbing experience, you can easily replace washers and stop the leaking. However, if the pipework is in a tight access area or you do not have the time, call a plumber for immediate repair. If you delay or ignore repairing a leak, you will soon deal with costly water damage.

Clogged Drains

Drain clogging is another common plumbing problem. Clogging is a result of items that should not be going down the drain finding their way there. The kitchen sink is the most common drain and will occasionally get clogged. To prevent sink clogging, you should avoid pouring food remains, vegetable remains, fats, etc. as they cause clogging. Also, you should as well monitor shower and bathroom sinks.

Avoid grooming your hair near sinks, as this will result in clogging. However, if you already have clogged drains, call for help. Plumbers will unclog your drains and advise you on how to avoid clogging in the future.

Clogged or leaking toilets

Toilet leaks can cause severe damage if you do not repair properly. With a leaking toilet, water will get into your walls and floors and cause severe damage to your home. Also, these leaks can cost you more in your water bills. On the other hand, clogging occurs due to several reasons, such as flushing solid waste that should not be in the toilet in the first place. Toilet clogging is very frustrating, and you need to call a plumbing company as soon as possible. It is not something you can do on your own.

Toilet smells

Nobody wants a smelly toilet. However, there are times you can walk in your bathroom and find it smelly. It is not that the last person did not flush the waste, but rather a plumbing problem. That why you should have an emergency plumber ready anytime. An improperly installed toilet or deteriorated wax ring beneath the bathroom can cause bad odor. In such cases, waste no time and call in your plumber. The plumber will inspect the problem and provide a lasting solution. The process of repairing a smelly toilet is dirty and not comfortable and hence the need to have professional hands.

Decreased water pressure

Water pressure is critical for a plumbing system to be functional. With low water pressure, taking a hot shower will be a problem as well as washing utensils in the kitchen sink. Therefore, if you realize that the water pressure is no longer enough as it used to be, it is clear that something is amiss. Low pressure can be as a result of mineral deposits build up in faucets and shower heads.

You can remove the shower head clean/brush it to clear away deposits. However, if the problem doesn’t seem to go away, contact professional plumbers for thorough plumbing.

Finding the best plumbers

You cannot handle every plumbing problem on your own. You need professional hands for the best and lasting solutions. However, there are many plumbers out there, and settling on the best can be challenging. If you do not have referrals from friends, you should consider doing research, and while at it, be sure to be thorough. Start by shortlisting plumbers based on location.

Only work with local plumbers as they are accessible and are available in case of emergency. Besides the location, also consider reputation and experience. Look for plumbers with many years of plumbing experience as well as an unbeatable track record. Finally, consider the cost. Plumbing services are not cheap and therefore look for a company that offers affordable services with no compromises on quality.